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Simon Lucas Mitsubishi

We represent Mitsubishi Motors in one of New Zealand's fastest growing regions with our car yard located on the corner of Wairau and Target Roads, North Shore, Auckland. Our team offers all the advantages of a large metropolitan franchise dealership, but with the friendly community atmosphere and personal service associated with doing business on the North Shore, Auckland.  

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Simon Lucas North Shore was established in 2005 and over the past 15 years has consistently been one of New Zealand’s top performing Mitsubishi dealerships. The business is wholly owned by Simon Lucas, a third-generation car dealer who originated from Blenheim, Marlborough.


Simon has a rich heritage in the industry. He has drawn on 100 years of this heritage which began in a post-World War One New Zealand to build a strong business that can weather the current storm. In the uncertain post Covid-19 world we are entering the examples of his grandfather and father are proving invaluable in sustaining a strong business for staff and customers. Simon’s grandfather Ed Lucas and his brother returned to New Zealand in 1919 having survived the horrors of trench warfare on the fields of Belgium. Using a grant from the government that encouraged startup businesses, 25-year old Ed Lucas and his brother Fred set up a garage in Seddon, Extraordinary Government assistance in times of great need - something we are now all familiar with.

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They gained the Ford franchise in the early 1920’s and were encouraged to shift into Blenheim. A stylish new dealership in the Art Deco style was opened in 1929 just after the Wall Street crash that lead to the Great Depression. Navigating his way through those dark years meant shooting rabbits to feed the family, growing their food and performing every function in the business including the cleaning.  

Coming out of the Great Depression the clouds of war were already gathering and once World War II hit the brothers turned to face yet another monumental challenge. Facing our current challenges, we can truly appreciate and admire the resilience of this generation of New Zealanders.  

In 1954 Simon’s father entered the business and for the next 45 years steered it through the various crises that hit New Zealand as well as the good times.  

Simon Lucas Mitsubishi Dealership with a red Eclipse Cross on its yard

Our present culture

Simon’s grandfather and father’s example was not just of resilience in the face of adversity but of their humanity to staff and customers and their humility and desire to be of service to their staff, customers and community. These are traits we believe are infused into our culture at and the way we do business at Simon Lucas North Shore. It is not just the experience of a warm welcome and professional service from well trained and positive team you can expect, but our belief in the Mitsubishi brand we represent and its ability to provide quality, value and peace of mind during your ownership – we’re strong, enthusiastic and here to support you.

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