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The all new Eclipse Cross 2023 is now available for sale

12 January 2023

In 2021, Mitsubishi made a major update to its Eclipse Cross. The iconic SUV has always had a fan base, but the updated model took the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross to a new level of style and quality. Packed with functional, high-quality features and a striking new design, it’s the ultimate SUV to take you where you want to go, whether that's for an adventure or your daily commute.

The 2021 Mitsubishi was built on the exceptional design and on-road performance offered by the previous iterations of the Eclipse Cross while adding changes that added to the driving experience and truly made it an SUV like no other. The increased exterior size of the vehicle and gains in interior space differentiated the new Eclipse Cross from the other two SUVs in the Mitsubishi range: the compact SUV, ASX and the family SUV, Outlander.

Now that customers have had some time with the latest iteration of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, we can see how well this redesign paid off in 2023.


Customer Reception To the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in 2023

Mitsubishi's investment in updating the Eclipse Cross paid off immensely. Fans of the SUV were praising the vehicle for its practicality and inclusion of new premium features. Mitsubishi had done what many manufacturers struggle to do - updated the design, increasing its size and space, while still keeping the "character" of the SUV.

Once again, Mitsubishi had taken the time to listen to its customer base, implementing and innovating to create an SUV that was welcomed with open arms by the New Zealand market. But don't just take our word for it, the sales data backs this up. For instance, as recently as October 2022, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has been leaving its mark on the New Zealand Sales charts - sitting in 5th place for the highest-selling passenger car and SUVs chart. The Trifecta between the Eclipse Cross, Outlander and ASX has helped cement Mitsubishi as the 3rd best-selling passenger car and SUV manufacturer in the country.

But it isn't just sales figures - positive press and public reactions to the Eclipse Cross put an additional feather in Mitsubishi's hat, with the recently released Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV being nominated for AA Driven Car of the Year for their plug-in hybrid electric vehicles category (more on the Eclipse Cross PHEV later in this article).

 So while it's evident Mitsubishi has a winner on their hands with the Eclipse Cross in 2023, but what were all the ingredients to their recipe for success?


A New Look and Improved Design

When you take your first glance at the latest Eclipse Cross, you’ll see that the design is significantly improved by a new facelift. A complete redesign of the rear enhanced by the removal of the rear split tailgate in favour of a streamlined single window allows for greater rear visibility. There is also a stylish new rear combination lamp arrangement that compliments the updated, sculpted hexagon rear design.

The Eclipse Cross also features a new 18” alloy wheel design, new black styling as well as a new bumper design and headlamp arrangement on the front. These new changes all add to a more stylish, robust design. Another big change is the Eclipse Cross now has an extra 14 cm in length, adding 71 litres of extra cargo size. This body change places the Eclipse Cross right in between the ASX and Outlander for overall size.


Newly Added Technology and Features

Once you enter the new Eclipse Cross using keyless entry, you’ll find a freshly updated, intuitive dashboard design with all the technological features you’d hope for. This includes the new 8 inch SDA2 touchscreen where you can control everything from navigation to music. Other features include eco mode, new cloth seating, plenty of dashboard and under-seat storage, a multimedia audio system and reversing camera and sensors.

Eco mode optimises fuel consumption by limiting functions like acceleration to enable low fuel consumption in urban and surrounding areas. The new Eclipse Cross comes with the amazing S-AWC feature. S-AWC means Super All Wheel Control and offers you enhanced handling, safety and assurance on tarmac or other terrains. There are three drive modes - Normal, Snow, and Gravel – which ensure your vehicle remains stable and gives confidence driving on any surface for those with that extra sense of adventure. If parking can sometimes be a hassle, choose a VRX model which has a 4-camera multi around-view monitor system that makes parking a seamless experience. 


A Safe, Enjoyable Driving Experience

The new Eclipse Cross is packed with the latest technology and exceptional safety features, making for a truly remarkable SUV. It’s awarded the maximum ANCAP safety rating of five stars, with safety features such as:

  • 7 airbags
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Active Traction Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Multi Around View Monitor
  • Forward collision mitigation
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane change assist
  • Blind spot warning
  • Reversing Camera with Display
  • Auto high beam


The Latest Addition to The Line-Up - The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

While the traditional Eclipse Cross made waves on its arrival in the New Zealand market, Mitsubishi still had another trick up its sleeve. 2022 would see the release of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV. The PHEV variant of the beloved Eclipse Cross took all of the innovations of the 2021 Eclipse Cross redesign and combined them with Mitsubishi's industry-leading electric vehicle technology. Sharing the same 2.4L twin electric motor S-AWC configuration as the renowned Next Gen Outlander PHEV, the smaller SUV takes advantage of the technology providing smooth and silent acceleration paired with tight handling.

While the performance is incredible, it's only the start of all the benefits of owning a PHEV in 2023. The Eclipse Cross PHEV EV mode provides fuel-free freedom of 55km. This is substantially more than the average kiwi's daily commute, meaning that worrying about going to the petrol station is a thing of the past for most New Zealanders. But even for those longer journeys, the Eclipse Cross PHEV has you covered. Its parallel and series hybrid mode starts up its traditional combustion engine to assist the electric motors, achieving a combined range of up to 660km. All this while still achieving an incredible fuel economy of 2.1 L per 100 Km and a 75% reduction of C02 emissions over a regular Eclipse Cross.

The heart of the Eclipse Cross PHEV, the 13.8kWh lithium-ion battery, uses the combustion engine to top up its charge while in these modes while also recovering power while braking. Charging the Eclipse Cross PHEV is easy and convenient - able to be plugged into a standard New Zealand home power outlet to charge overnight, or a lighting quick 25 minute fast-charge via a type 2 AC port at commercial charging stations.

The Eclipse Cross PHEV's convenience and economy without compromising on performance features are just other prime examples of the huge role electric vehicle technology is going to play in the future - and Mitsubishi's incredible innovation in this industry.


What's the Warranty Offered on the New Eclipse Cross?

The New Eclipse Cross comes with Mitsubishi’s unbeatable Diamond Advantage 5/10-year warranty which is New Zealand’s best new car warranty, backed up by award-winning customer care. The Diamond Advantage warranty consists of the following benefits:

  • 5 year/ 130,000 km new vehicle warranty, 
  • 10 year / 160,000 km powertrain warranty,
  • 5 years premium roadside assistance. 

This incredibly comprehensive warranty has also been updated to cover the Eclipse Cross PHEV, offering 8 year / 160,00km coverage specific to the lithium-ion battery.


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