Triton VRX 4WD


27 May 2019

With Mystery Creek’s annual Fieldays event just under one month away (June 12th-16­­th), Mitsubishi has announced possibly their most compelling Triton 4wd offer ever – just $39,990 + delivery costs for a Triton GLX-R 4wd manual (detailed below). This 2019 Fieldays is shaping up to be the Mitsubishi’s most competitive performance yet, as the Triton has already surpassed the Toyota Hilux in sales 2 of the 4 months this year – well on the way to becoming NZ’s second most popular Ute. It’s also little known that Mitsubishi is also now comfortably the 3rd biggest selling vehicle brand in New Zealand!

What’s even better? This year you don’t have to leave Auckland to get some of the Fieldays experience! From the June 12th – 16th the team at Simon Lucas Mitsubishi will be hosting our own bit of the countryside right in the heart of the North Shore. Bring the kids and get stuck in checking out the latest Triton, and all the other amazing product Mitsubishi has to offer… and yes, a tractor will be available to jump on and there will be plenty of sausages to go around!



Leading the class in the mid-range utility segment, the TRITON GLX-R offers safety features such as Forward Collision Mitigation and Lane Departure Warning now as standard. Complete with a feature packed interior including Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, exterior 18” machine faced alloys and a now wider 265 tyre for better stability and traction. All this wrapped up in Triton’s new aggressive styling - the GLX-R will deliver on both city streets and when the fun begins!

Mitsubishi’s Triton is hot on the heels of the Toyota Hilux, sitting just 232 sales behind nationally at the end of April. With June's Fieldays approaching, Mitsubishi’s aggressive pricing strategy is set to give Triton a fighting chance to finally jump into 2nd place (after Ranger) in the Light Commercial Vehicle segment. Out of interest: Given that the Hilux is sold heavily to large fleets, the Triton is likely to sit well ahead of the Hilux as a lifestyle and small business vehicle on kiwi driveways. In fact, the Triton sells so well in this segment it is forecasted to make up 50% of Mitsubishi’s total sales in NZ by the start of 2020!


Big on safety? – it’s all in Outlander XLS

Looking for a 7 seat SUV with your family’s safety in mind? Look no further! The Outlander 2L XLS offers Mitsubishi’s complete safety suite – Forward Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, Blind-spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and of course ANCAP’s top 5-star safety rating. Want to know more? Well it sips just 6.8L per 100km of petrol and has an array of handy features (such as autonomous cruise control)… and with a limited number for only $33,990 + DC (Yes, that’s just $1000 more above the LS for all of the above), it really is all in Outlander.


Run-in for Run-out

It’s basically all done and dusted for the most successful Triton runout ever, but there are still some strugglers hanging around to be snaffled up. These are mostly are of the 2wd GLX-R variety ($29,990+DC for manual – add $2000 for auto), although there are literally a handful of 4wd GLX-R manuals left at $35,990+DC. Don’t want to miss out? You’ve been warned…


Pajero Sport runout is coming - but we aren't waiting!

The Pajero Sport VRX is set to enter runout in August with its lowest ever price of $49,990 + DC. That’s one of NZ’s bestselling off-road SUV’s, for even better value – and it’s available now until they’re gone.


Electrifying the market

Year on year the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV continues to be market leader by a large margin in the entire Plug-in Hybrid vehicle segment. The 2019 model released late last year slashed prices down from $59,990 to $50,990, leaving 2019 shaping up to be the biggest sales year ever for this electrifying Outlander. With fuel prices back on the rise, we are happy to help go through the numbers with you to see if this is (or isn’t) the right vehicle to accompany your lifestyle.


Helping you understand your way around vehicle finance

These days, simply financing a vehicle can be very confusing and frustrating proposition. Am I getting good value? Why can one company be doing 1% whilst the other is 11.95%? Well here’s a general overview of how vehicle finance works:

The market is continuously bombarded with marketing ploys like Nissan’s “1% across the range” or Honda’s 3.9% finance. These types of offers are typically used to target consumers that are primarily focused on interest rate, attempting to create perceived value to its targeted audience. Dig a little deeper, we find these offers are usually attached to vehicles often far more expensive than their like for like competitors. This generally results in similar or often higher weekly payments than competitors selling their equivalent vehicles at a higher interest rate!

It’s very easy to get caught up in hype of this type of marketing – some companies even create their entire business model around it. However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. At the end of the day, someone must pay for it... and 99% of the time the person paying is the consumer through dramatically higher sales prices of the vehicles.

Out of interest: Businesses can often claim any interest paid on a vehicle as tax deductible, making low interest offers also financially detrimental. This is compounded by the fact that the higher purchase price of a vehicle equate to higher rate of fringe benefit tax!

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