4 September 2019

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the missing link in the market for electric and hybrid cars. There are plenty of choices when you want a small hatchback that is hybrid or completely electric, but options get costlier and more limited when it comes to SUVs. The Outlander PHEV is an affordable hybrid, medium sized SUV driven by either or both electric motors and a traditional petrol engine. With the new price drop to $52,990, Outlander PHEV is a great choice for anyone looking for outstanding value within the Plug-in Hybrid range.  


How Does a PHEV Differ from Hybrid or Electric? 

The main benefit of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is its fuel-saving capability: When driven in the all-electric mode, the combustion engine will not need to operate, whereas a hybrid's combustion engine starts every time you drive to charge the battery. PHEVs feature a battery that can be charged directly from an external power source, meaning they have a longer cruising range under electric power than hybrid vehicles. PHEVs can also use the engine as a generator to charge the battery. This makes it capable of: 

  • Up to 54km of travel on a full charge 
  • 20 min DC fast charge to 80% 
  • 6.5 hours for a complete charge 

With a complete charge taking just 9.8KWh of electricity, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can run on its EV battery for a fraction of the cost of conventional petrol or diesel.  


When is the Battery Used and When is the Engine Used? 

The petrol engine activates when the battery level becomes low and requires charging or when a large amount of drive power is needed. The vehicle does this automatically and doesn’t require driver intervention. The vehicle can continue running in Electric Vehicle mode while the engine charges the battery and supplies drive power to assist the electric motors. 

To prevent fuel deterioration causing engine damage, the engine comes on to consume fuel if no more than 10 litres of petrol have been added to the fuel tank in three straight months. The engine will continue turning on automatically while driving (in Hybrid Vehicle mode) until the fuel tank is filled with at least 15 litres of petrol. 

How to Get the Best Mileage From the PHEV 

With the ability to drive up to 54km in EV mode, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a total extended hybrid range of more than 600km. The Outlander PHEV has a number of modes like CHARGE and SAVE that allow you to choose how it drives. Drivers often debate which approach achieves the best mileage, such as driving using regenerative braking then putting the car on SAVE when down to 10km using hybrid mode.  

Repeatedly switching between Battery Charge mode and Electric Vehicle mode deteriorates mileage by 20 per cent in comparison with Hybrid Vehicle mode. The best approach is to let the car use all electric for the first 54km, let it automatically start using petrol when it's run out and do not use CHARGE or SAVE modes.  


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