10 September 2019

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular, with the technology supporting these vehicles dramatically improving. Downsides that once existed like limited range, high cost, performance issues and long charge times are no longer an issue. Aside from being affordable, stylish, practical there are a variety of benefits of electric cars. 


Lower Running Cost 

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of owning an EV is that they are much cheaper to run. The electricity needed to charge an EV works out to be around a third of the cost of buying petrol for a similar size and type of vehicle. A hybrid can also significantly improve fuel economy. For example, the hybrid Outlander PHEV has a fuel economy of 1.7L/100km compared with 6.8L/100km for the Outlander.  


Lower Maintenance Costs 

A battery powered electric vehicle has far fewer moving parts compared to a conventional petrol vehicle. This means there is relatively little servicing required. There is no need to maintain, repair or replace starter motors, radiators, fuel injection systems, exhaust systems and many other expensive components found in conventional engines.  

EVs have just one moving part - the rotor, which is highly durable. Aside from the brakes, tyres and suspension, there’s little else to maintain. Hybrids (PHEVs) have a petrol engine that needs regular servicing. However, the electrical motor in PHEVs leads to less wear and tear of the petrol engine components, meaning maintenance costs are still lower. Don’t forget Simon Lucas Mitsubishi offers Plug-in Hybrid EVs an 8 year/160,000km battery warranty combined with the 5 year/100,000km mechanical warranty. 

Better for the Environment 

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, demand for EVs have risen. By driving an EV, you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. If you charge your EV using renewable energy such as solar power from your home, you can reduce your environmental impact even further. There is also a trend towards using more eco-friendly production and materials for EVs. 


Improved Safety Features 

Many EVs have features that improve safety. For example, EVs tend to have a lower centre of gravity meaning they are less likely to roll over. Since EVs are relatively new, they tend to include all the latest advanced safety features. They also have a lower risk for explosions or major fires and the body construction and durability of EVs can make them safer in a collision. 


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